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The Madeira Mandolin Association, established on March 28, 2000, with the main purpose of grouping all the mandolin performers, tunas and orchestras in Madeira, in a common artistic-musical development project, with the promotion and development of the cultural image of the “BandolimMadeira ” at regional, national as well as international level.


Its mission is to develop, promote and internationalize the cultural identity related to the universe of plectrum instruments.


In his view, it focuses on the social appreciation of the heritage and musical practice related to the mandolin, in order to conquer more and more audiences and professional artistic environments.


And its values go through the appreciation of musical diversity, inclusion, exchange and artistic decentralization of all practitioners, providing and promoting high specialized training, better professional conditions for artistic performance and access to international references, for all performers and trainers from various geographies in the RAM



The Madeira Mandolin Association (ABM) aims to research, dynamize, promote and develop the cultural heritage resulting from the activity of the large number of orchestras and groups of mandolins and guitars existing in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM). This is a phenomenon of national and international reference, whose tradition has been present on the Island for over a century, ABM has been developing events throughout its history, such as the Regional Meeting of Tunas and Mandolin Orchestras of Madeira (38th edition in 2023). It has generated partnerships that help to promote the artistic development of the large number of performers, more than three hundred currently on the island, distributed by various groups and orchestras. Training and workshops for artistic directors and trainers, partnerships for professional mandolin courses, whether at the Conservatory of Madeira as well as at the various European higher conservatories (Italy and Germany), are also among its actions, contemplating not only the musical development of the groups and of musicians as well as enabling the access of these instrumentalists in higher instrument courses.

This association, for the entire promotion of artistic production related to the mandolin, collaborates and is a partner of international organizations in the area, as well as maintaining very close relationships with the greatest exponents, of worldwide recognition, of the instrument._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Its artistic director and conductor, since 2008, Norberto Cruz, having also assumed the position of Chairman of the Board, since 2010. In April 2022, the Regional Government of Madeira granted ABM the status of utility entity public.


Within the scope of programming, it organizes and promotes the Madeira International Mandolin Festival (MMF), which in its 8th edition, in 2023, already has great recognition from the public and specialized musicians, both nationally and internationally. This event has given great notoriety and visibility to the great work carried out in RAM in our field of specialization, the mandolins; promotes Madeira mandolins, promotes the country and helps to create bridges and to develop the musical professionalization of Madeira's musicians, contributing to the cultural affirmation of this instrument in Madeira in all geographies.

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