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7th Madeira International Mandolin Festival

The Madeira International Mandolin Festival offers the public a unique encounter with the most varied languages that the mandolin presents internationally. The quality and quantity of musicians who take part in this festival has made it one of the largest in the world. From Madeira, which has a centuries-old mandolin tradition, to the world, Madeiran orchestras and tunas meet projects by world-renowned artists in a single celebration of the mandolin.


The 7th edition took place between October 13 and 16, 2022.


October 13th



18h00-21h00 - Mandolin masterclass with António vieira at Portal das Artes


October 14th


2nd Madeira Art Film Festival

18:00 - Jardins, bandolins e outros abraços by Cristina Vieira at TMBD

21:00 - Hamilton de Holanda on the Madeira Mandolin Route by Vinco Films at TMBD


October 15th



10h00-16h00 - Mandolin Masterclass with Jacob Reuven at Portal das Artes

10h00-12h00 - Classical guitar/viola masterclass with Adam Levin at Portal das Artes


37th Regional Meeting of Madeira Mandolin Tunas and Orchestras at TMBD

17:00 - Ribeirabravense Mandolin Orchestra

17:30 - Tunacedros

18:00 - Camacha Mandolin Orchestra

18:30 - Cepam Orchestra


International/National Concert

  21:00- Duo Mantar (Israel/USA) - Jacob Reuven & Adam Levin at TMBD



October 16th


37th Madeira Regional Tunas and Mandolin Orchestras Meeting at TMBD

17:00 - Sextet/septet Eurico Martins

17:30 - TCM Tuna de Câmara de Machico

18:00 - Eleutherius Chorus

18:30 - Madeira Mandolin Orchestra


International/National Concert

20:30- Portuguese Guitar and Mandolin Orchestra (Porto) at TMBD





Madeira Mandolin Association | Ligra ART & PRODUCTIONS


Structure supported by:


Portuguese Republic | Directorate-General for the Arts l Government of Madeira | Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture| Regional Secretariat for Education

Supported by:

Madeira Promotion Association | Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre | Funchal City Council




Hotel The Vine | Associação Portal das Artes | Associação Musical e Cultural Xarabanda |Diário de Notícias| Conservatório de Música da Madeira | AOCM- Associação Orquestra Clássica da Madeira


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