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Duration: 1h | Age: all ages 



Youth and Tech is a musical project that seeks to innovate through the intersection of musical languages and technology by bringing together young artists from different musical styles. In this collaborative environment, they explore the intersection between their musical influences while incorporating computer technology with conventional instruments, in a musical laboratory of experimentation that aims to create a deconstructed and inclusive collective musical language through a modern approach.

The project is a space where youth and technology converge, creating a new sound that reflects musical diversity and contemporary innovation.


Artistic and technical data:

Creation and Direction: Norberto Gonçalves da Cruz

Arrangements and Musical Languages: Ricardo Dias

IT and Music: Andreas Sidenius and Emmy Curl

Vocals: Jóhann Orn Gunnarsson, Lidiane Duailibi and Sophia Dehe

Percussion: Alexandre Rodrigues

Drums: Diogo Marques

Guitar: Antonio Duailibi

Electric Guitar: Bruno Silva

Bass: Maria Fadieieva

Piano: Nathan Todhunter

Image | Multimedia: Turnino Caires

Executive Producer: Lidiane Duailibi

Production: Sara Beatriz Faria

Sound: Pedro Martins


The presentation of "YOUTH AND TECH" at Fórum Machico is an initiative of the INSUL'Arts project.


Insul'Arts is a project funded by the Culture Programme of @EEA Grants Portugal/, through Connecting Dots - Artistic Mobility and Audience Development, operated by the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage and managed by the Directorate-General for the Arts, as Programme Partner.

A project by Cia. Companhia Dançando com a Diferença, in partnership with Funchal City Council, @dybwikdans (Norway) and the Viriato Theatre (Viseu).


The Mandolin Association is a structure supported by:

Portuguese Republic | Directorate-General for the Arts| Government of Madeira| Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture| Regional Secretariat for Education


This show was performed:

Forum Machico Auditorium on 16 March 2024 | 7pm and on 17 March 2024 | 6pm


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