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II National Mandolin and Guitar Meeting - 2023

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The II National Mandolin and Guitar Meeting "II ENBG" took place from July 5 to 9 in the city of Lamego.


The II ENBG is a space for sharing and exchanging experiences for the students of the national conservatoires of plucked string instruments. It includes the following activities:


 Internship of the Portuguese Plectrum Youth Orchestra.

 Concert

 Conference


This is a joint organization of the Madeira Mandolin Association, the Plectrum Cultural Association and the Quinto Império Association (hosts) and has the institutional support of the following schools and conservatories:


 Coimbra Conservatory of Music

 Vila Real Conservatory of Music

 Esposende Music School

 Porto Conservatory of Music

 Madeira Professional School of Arts Conservatory


Students from the 3rd cycle and secondary schools aged between 12 and 18 are taking part. The aim of this initiative is to give a strong boost to the emergence of more strings orchestras and to encourage the opening of official mandolin courses.


Each participating school/conservatoire selected 12 students (6 mandolin students and 6 guitar students) to join


The Internship takes place every year in different parts of the country.

The following instruments are also admitted to take part in the Internship, according to the vacancies that will be established by the organizing committee:


 - Harp

 - Portuguese guitar

 - Double bass




Guitar and mandolin students from schools that don't have official courses in operation can also take part, as long as there are plenty of vacancies at the schools/conservatories that are part of the organization of the meeting.


Composition of the II ENBG:


Conductor - Hélder Magalhães

Soloist - Vítor Monteiro

Tutor 1st Mandolin - António Vieira

Tutor 2nd Mandolin - Teresa Leão

Tutor Bandola - David Rodrigues

Tutor Guitar - Marta Costa

Conference - Tiago Cassola Marques - Theme: Leo Brouwer in Portugal

Production - Filipe Marado | Jorge Costa | Beatriz Ribas | Sara Beatriz Faria.


Structure supported by:


Portuguese Republic | Directorate-General for the Arts l Madeira Government | Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture| Regional Secretariat for Education


Financial Support:


Municipality of Lamego | Murganheira Vinhos e Espumantes


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