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2nd Madeira International Mandolin Festival

The Madeira International Mandolin Festival offers the public a unique encounter with the most varied languages that the mandolin presents internationally. The quality and quantity of musicians who take part in this festival has made it one of the largest in the world. From Madeira, which has a centuries-old mandolin tradition, to the world, Madeiran orchestras and tunas meet projects by world-renowned artists in a single celebration of the mandolin.


The 2nd edition took place between September 16 and 17, 2017.


November 16th

16:30 - Workshop with Hamilton de Holanda

18:00 - 32nd Regional Meeting of Madeira Mandolin Tunas and Orchestras at IVBAM: DSEAM Mandolin Orchestra

                            Casa do Povo da Camacha Mandolin Orchestra

                              Casa da Cultura de Câmara de Lobos Mandolin Orchestra

                              Estudantina Académica da Madeira

20:30 - Hamilton de Holanda Concert (Brazil)


November 17th

15:30 - Workshop with Ferando Barroso

17:00 - 32nd Regional Meeting of Madeira Mandolin Tunas and Orchestras at IVBAM: TunaCedros

                           São Roque do Faial Mandolin Orchestra

                             Ribeirabravense Mandolin Orchestra

                Madeira Mandolin Orchestra


19:30- Fernando Barroso Concert (Galicia)





Madeira Mandolin Association




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