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Duration: 1h30 | Age: + 03 years




Ezequiel is the story of an automaton builder who, after a long life of dedicating himself to others and to work, loses his inner path and plunges into a spiritual experience he has never had before. Based on the story created by Norberto Gonçalves da Cruz, Ezequiel's spiritual journey passes through fantastic worlds, automata created by the character's incredible genius, imaginary creatures, imposing gardens and characters who reveal themselves as they follow Ezequiel's journey. Throughout this process, all the emotions are translated by the original music, rich in different languages, accompanied by the staging and innovative multimedia images designed by Turnino Caires. It's a story of love, of dreams and affections, of worlds and the search for the meaning of life...

Staged by Isabel Martins. It's a show in which the visual part transports us to a completely virtual reality, surrounded by sound design that uses surround technology, increasing the proposal for a new way for the audience to experience the work presented and, locally, opening up new artistic horizons.


This show makes culture accessible to all citizens because one of the sessions has audio description (AD) and interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language (LGP). For audiences who are blind or visually impaired, a moment of prior recognition of the space is organized.



Artistic and technical data:


Creation and Artistic Direction: Norberto G. da Cruz


Executive Producer: Lidiane Duailibi


Image and Multimedia Director: Turnino Caires


Stage Manager: Isabel Martins


Costumes|Props|Characterization: Andorinha


Make-up: Beatriz Batista


Light Design: Ricardo Martins


Multimedia Technician: Henrique Santos


Sound and surround engineering: Marco Brito


Choreography Dara, Spirit of Light: Dimitra Papathanasopoulou


Orphans and Flowers garden choreography: Flávia Reis


Production: Carolina Dama | Charles Duailibi | Inês Morgado | Luísa Oliveira | Pedro Nunes


Ezequiel: Fábio Ferro


Ana: Mariana Faria


Dara, Spirit of Light: Sónia Gouveia


Arya, Spirit of Earth: Flavia Reis


Ezequiel (child): Matias Chicharo


Rickten: Diogo Gonçalves


Claus: Xavier Miguel


Tiquit: Inês de Abreu


Musicians: Carlos Cruz | Luís Cruz | Norberto Cruz


Vocals: Inês de Abreu | Lidiane Duailibi


Master Seamstress: Fátima Martins


Seamstresses: Lúcia Aguiar | Mónica Lucas


Costumes: Ana Francisca Rosa | Beatriz Teixeira | Inês Nóbrega | Leonor Correia | Liana Gouveia | Mafalda Nunes | Nancy Nóbrega


Production: Ass. de Bandolins da Madeira | Ligra - Art&Production


Co-production: Teatro M. Baltazar Dias


Partners: Portal das Artes | WOW Systems | Diário de Notícias | Dançando com a Diferença | Hotel the Vine


Support: Funchal City Council


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