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Soller's Curtain

Duration: 1h20 | Age: + 06 years




A tribute to the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theater to celebrate its 130th anniversary.


Based on the vision of Tomás Augusto Soller, we recount the days of the Municipal Theatre in a show that brings together various performing arts, the backbone of which is music. This show develops through a non-linear, non-chronological narrative with strong emotional elements.

The fundamental idea is to reveal the theater as a living body, far beyond the mere concept of a performance hall; a theater inhabited by the multiple stories that have given it life, starring the people who work and have worked there, whether visible or invisible, and where the audience is invited to be part of this vibrant and mysterious body.



Artistic and technical data:


Artistic Director: Norberto Cruz


Stage Director: Catarina Claro


Dramaturgy: Marcela Costa


Production: Funchal City Council | Madeira Mandolin Association


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