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Duration: 1h15 | Age: + 12 years




Portugal and Argentina have two distinct cultures, but with very striking similarities in the field of music - both in its structure and origin. The show FadoTango develops through a journey through the universe of these two very specific genres, using a more current and active language, looking for links between their more traditional music, Fado and Tango.

'Five musicians created an atmosphere inspired by traditional Fado and Tango themes, even resorting to the interpretation of excerpts from some themes that are more easily identifiable by the audience, including the use of instruments that are not traditional in these two musical genres. Two actors, two singers, two dancers and a chorus of women were brought together to give life to the characters in this plot.

In a free interpretation using music, acting, movement, video, light, song and dance, we tell the story of the origin and development of Fado and Tango, through a dramaturgy that fictionalizes these two cultural histories. The theme of travel emerges as the link between these two countries.

Throughout the creative process we delved deeper into the theme of travel, creating metaphors and parallels. So the journey is no longer just a journey between two physical spaces and takes on new contours in the lives of these characters, who are confronted with: the emotional and sentimental journey that each of us goes through; changes, losses, cycles, death, encounters, chance; the courage to let go of what doesn't really matter; the ability to free ourselves from the physical and material world; the strength to start again; the difficulty of carrying what really matters; the clarity of our direction, always bearing in mind the place of departure and the desire for the destination of arrival.

A safe journey to you all.

Filipe Luz


Guest artists and characters


Argentine Men: Fábio Ferro | Luís Sousa


Portuguese Women: Mariana Faria | Vânia Fernandes


Choir - Portuguese and Argentinian Women: Carolina Coutinho | Catarina Inês | Emilie Mangoni | Énia Caires | Francisca Henriques | Joana Teixeira | Kátia Carvalho |Lidiane Duailibi |Márcia Aguiar |Sofia Almeida


Dancers: Tango João Pedro Marques | Sandra Catanho


Musicians - International: Gabor Bolba (Double Bass) | Jorge Vidal (Piano) | Marco Abrantes (Viola) | Norberto Cruz (Mandolin) | Slobodan Sarcevic (Accordion)



Artistic and technical data:


Inspired by the idea of António Macedo


With a selection of Texts and Original Texts by Fernando Heitor


Artistic Direction and Staging: Filipe Luz


Musical Director: Norberto Cruz



Vocal Direction: Lidiane Duailibi


Tango Choreography: João Pedro Marques


Video Capturing, Editing and Operation: Diana Serrão


Light Design: Ricardo Martins | Filipe Luz


Light Operation: Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias


Executive and General Production: Lidiane Duailibi | Filipe Luz


Graphic Design: Marisa Velosa


Poster Photography: Miguel Alves


Spot Production and Editing: Cristina Vieira


Front of House and Ticket Office: Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre Team




Thanks to


To Dr. António Macedo for giving us the motto that inspired the creation of this show.

To the entire tireless team at Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, especially Dr. Sandra Nóbrega and Dr. Catarina Faria. It is an honor for us artists to be able to experience and create in this House.

To Funchal Municipal Council for their support.

To Fernando Heitor for his generosity, availability and genius.

To our sponsors, who were fundamental to the realization of this project.

To all those who contributed in some way to making this show possible, especially Cristina Vieira, Andrea Duailibi and Duarte Luz.

To all the people who donated/lent suitcases

Thank you very much!




Madeira Mandolin Association | Funchal City Council




Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias | Ser Criativo | Henrique Martins Ballroom Dancing School | Tecidos Zarco | Art&Bags | One Line | Horários do Funchal


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